New Studio

The news is that I have moved;-) I found a space which is bigger (and straigh away I bought another table) so decision about moving all my stuff was rather easy;-) I am not any longer in the Bailgate area so I probably should think about the new name for my studio…I am still in a city centre (18 St.Martin’s Lane, soundLinc building, 2nd floor) and will be running more workshops soon;-)

3D Collage

I have been experimenting with 3D collage. All backgrounds are hand painted (watercolour inks). I am showing just few ideas and hope that in January I will have more time in the studio and be able to explore it more.



Exhibition – Gallery at St.Martin’s

Recently, I have been very busy and have to admit that I was not very good with updating my blog;-) In November I was exhibiting my drawings and collages in the Galley at St.Martin’s in Lincoln. My idea was to show what I have been doing for the last year- actually since January 2018 when I started to work from my studio (Bailgate Studio). After ten years of working just digitally I unpacked all my drawing and painting equipment and finally was able to be back to more traditional way of creating.