Getting Ready For An Exhibition

Work in progress…

I have to admit that I am much better with starting new projects then finishing the old ones but now I will have to focus because I have a deadline for completing my work;-)
The news is that I’ve booked the Gallery At St. Martin’s for an exhibition (37B Hungate, LN1 1ET, Lincoln)
The opening night will be on 20th of November/Tuesday and the exhibition will be open until 25th of November/Sunday 4p.m.
My plan is to show drawings and collages – everything will be for sale.
PLEASE SAVE A DATE!…and wish me luck with finishing my collages;-)


Collages – Work In Progress

Recently I have been working on some new collages. This is still work in progress but I wanted to show you my other side;-). These collages are a bit different from illustrations I usually show here. I really enjoy the proces of creating hand painted textures and finding new ways of joining them together.