Exhibition – Gallery at St.Martin’s

Recently, I have been very busy and have to admit that I was not very good with updating my blog;-) In November I was exhibiting my drawings and collages in the Galley at St.Martin’s in Lincoln. My idea was to show what I have been doing for the last year- actually since January 2018 when I started to work from my studio (Bailgate Studio). After ten years of working just digitally I unpacked all my drawing and painting equipment and finally was able to be back to more traditional way of creating.

Getting Ready For An Exhibition

Work in progress…

I have to admit that I am much better with starting new projects then finishing the old ones but now I will have to focus because I have a deadline for completing my work;-)
The news is that I’ve booked the Gallery At St. Martin’s for an exhibition (37B Hungate, LN1 1ET, Lincoln)
The opening night will be on 20th of November/Tuesday and the exhibition will be open until 25th of November/Sunday 4p.m.
My plan is to show drawings and collages – everything will be for sale.
PLEASE SAVE A DATE!…and wish me luck with finishing my collages;-)


Acrylic Painting Workshops

In July I run two first Acrylic Painting Workshops for beginners. I really enjoyed having this artistic mess in the studio;-) This were three hours workshops with focus on materials and techniques.

Please let me know if you are local and would like to join me for some classes in August and September.

Collages – Work In Progress

Recently I have been working on some new collages. This is still work in progress but I wanted to show you my other side;-). These collages are a bit different from illustrations I usually show here. I really enjoy the proces of creating hand painted textures and finding new ways of joining them together.



Drawing Classes

Did you know that you can pop in to the studio for a drawing session?;-) We start with good coffee and then focus on drawing still life.

Every week we talk about different aspects important when you learn how to draw (knowing drawing materials, composition, line, tone, focus point, how to measure objects).

Beginners are welcome – please contact me if you are interested and would like to try it;-)

Japanese Book Binding

When I was opening the new studio I was planning to use it as my space to work as a freelance illustrator and run art classes & workshops. That was the starting point but very quickly I realised that this place has also a potential to be used in a different way and become a hub for creative events in Lincoln. I have a lot of ideas, so please watch this space;-)

The first step to have more open approach was to invite others to share their knowledge and passion for art and craft and run amazing workshops from my studio.

In March it was Paul from Nyudo Japanese book Binding who run the first workshop for beginners. Everyone crated two notebooks and we had a pleasure to use lovely Chiyogami papers based on kimono designs.

There was a lot of interest in this workshop and we decided to organise another one in May. If you would like to join us, please check details here:


Handmade Easter

It was snow outside but it did not stop us to have fun with making Easter Decorations;-) Instead of buying ready made stuff we opened a bottle of wine and have been working hard to create ours, very special and unique decor for Easter. There is something very therapeutic in sitting together, chatting and being creative! You can’t buy it on High Street!;-)

Painting On Cotton Bags

We were busy in the Bailgate Studio with painting on cotton bags. I would like to show you one example of bag made during this workshop. It is a present for three year old who needs a storage bag for his Lego;-)

Hand painted cotton bags make a great present and this is a very practical solution if you need to store your stuff in style and stay eco;-)